Mission Vision Values


“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of values”

Albert Einstein


HedonX, Intimately complicit.


HedonX’s Mission is to offer an environment conducive to sensuality for couples in search of complicity.

HedonX’s Vision is a community that empowers couples to release their sensuality.


Our Values:


We want to give couples the keys to develop and share authentic emotions.



We want to place well-being at the centre of the adventure we offer to our community so that everyone can develop freely.



We want to offer an unforgettable and enriching adventure that inspires new memories to come.



HedonX places respect at the heart of its relationship with its community by providing a reliable environment that values quality, while leaving room for the unexpected.



We want to help everyone break free from socially imposed beliefs to democratise the potential of pleasure.


Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy 

HedonX is committed to achieving best practice in terms of environmental and social sustainability.

We believe that protecting our planet can only benefit our health and quality of life. We believe our choices and efforts in this regard serve the interests of all stakeholders and our community.


These are some of the principles we apply in our efforts to protect the environment:

We support local businesses and suppliers

Wherever possible, our procurement team orders from local suppliers. All our suppliers have been carefully selected for their values and commitment to sustainability.

When we produce our products, we select materials with care, making sure they are manufactured locally and made to last, creating the lowest impact on the environment.


HedonX provides equal opportunities whatever gender, sexual orientation, age, or physical peculiarities.

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