Learning How to Caress a Man

by | May 3, 2022 | Massage, Relationship Health

The word “caress” is in itself an invitation to well-being, relaxation and enjoyment.

Transposed into the intimate universe, it is the promise of sensual and voluptuous moments with one’s partner. However, caressing a man involves a few precautions and learning certain skills in order to enhance this moment of tactile sharing. Identifying the male erogenous zones is one of them.

Moreover, caresses are generally associated with sexual foreplay, as a prelude to carnal pleasure. However, it can have many other aspects and benefits, depending on the area targeted and when it is done.

The erotic universe is limitless. Caresses are precious allies in the exploration of this fascinating world.

Men and Caresses: What you Need to Know

History, culture and the transmission of patriarchal patterns have led to a male tendency to neglect petting, whether receiving or offering it. In the past, men were assigned to manual tasks and roles of authority. This left little room for sensuality, the development of skin sensitivity and tenderness.

Moreover, in the collective unconscious of the men of the time, submitting to a woman’s hands meant allowing oneself to be dominated. It was also unthinkable to caress one’s beloved.

Conversely, it has always been established that women are naturally predisposed to cuddling, hugging and showing affection. Motherhood is said to sharpen this tendency.

With such a legacy, it is difficult for men and women to meet in the field of cuddling.

Fortunately, times are changing and customs are evolving, even if generational transmissions and their share of stigma are still very much alive.

Bringing men to sensual touch certainly requires a little initiation and gentle persuasion.

Indeed, because of their sexual functioning, men still tend to direct erotic massages towards their private parts. This attitude certainly precipitates the sexual act. This is a pity, especially when we know the power and benefits of caresses on other parts of the body.

Observed under a microscope, men’s and women’s skin have exactly the same structure and an equivalent number of sensory sensors. The human body is therefore, without distinction of gender, an infinite field of exploration for the exaltation of the senses. However, we must be careful not to skip any steps.

The Art of Massaging a Man: Some Precautions to Take

The skin is full of sensory points that can activate desire and pleasure.

Thus, the effleurage of the body acts as a powerful stimulant in eroticism.

On the other hand, it would be annoying to spoil this moment of complicity by choosing the wrong timing.

It is a rule never to take a man head-on.

It’s all about observation. If your lover comes home from work stressed by a tiring day, preoccupied by a thorny file, or upset by a demanding client, your requests will probably be in vain. His mind will dissociate him too much from his body and from the letting go necessary to the total abandonment to your caresses. It is preferable to postpone the session to a time when your partner will be more receptive to the softness of your hands.

If the moment is favourable for the massage, all is not yet won. Make sure that no part of your partner’s body hurts. If it does, avoid at all costs the area that might awaken pain and take him away from the magic of the moment.

Also, macho legacies from the past may resurface. Be vigilant. Perhaps your partner is not quite ready to let you approach certain parts of his anatomy. Watch his reactions and move your hands in another direction if you sense any reluctance on his part.

In all cases, take your time and use slow, gentle movements. Always keep contact with his skin. Finally, don’t hesitate to ask your man to express his desires and the way he would like to be massaged. Another option is to observe the way he usually touches you. This is how he would like to be stroked.

If you need advice on how to do this, there are many books available that can help you. The famous “Traité Des Caresses” by Dr Leleu is a mine of information on this subject.

The Different Types of Caresses to Give to Your Lover

There are 3 categories:

The “Free” Ones
We don’t always think about it, but caresses can be offered without any ulterior motive.

These are simple gestures of love with the sole aim of bringing your man a little peace and comfort. It is a beautiful way to show your affection. Making love brings pleasure and relaxation, and this is also what massages bring. The enjoyment is on a more subtle level, but the sensation is no less.

The only condition for a successful “free” skin-to-skin session is to avoid stimulating your partner’s genitals.

For 6,000 years, Orientals have taught the beauty of erotic foreplay. They have sublimated it through art and spread it widely. In the West, awareness is more recent, finding its roots in the emancipation and sexual liberation of women. Henceforth, the “new man” willingly lends himself to the game of preparation for the fusion of bodies.

Over time, he has understood that erotic massages increase arousal and even the intensity of the orgasm. He therefore increasingly demands these skin stimulations, whether they are done with fingertips, lips or other parts of his lover’s body.

Postlude Cuddling
These are the cuddles that lovers give each other after making love. The tendency is still to neglect them. However, they are likely to bring the couple closer together in the context of a prolonged ecstatic communion. This type of caressing is conditional on the control of the male orgasm. If the man achieves his physical pleasure, he will tend to fall asleep due to the effort involved and the sedative effect of the endorphins produced en masse.

Another reaction: he may detach himself in an archaic man-warrior reflex that is not inclined to abandon himself to his partner. Sadness may also overtake him because of the difference in sensations between exultation and a brutal return to reality. The man who knows how to control his body will be less tired and will even feel invigorated. Above all, he will be more receptive to sensual post-coital embraces. It would be a pity to do without them, as they generally help to prolong the couple’s fusion in a higher state of consciousness.

Knowing How to Stimulate your Partner’s Erogenous Zones

The art of massaging a man well also lies in identifying the most sensitive areas of his skin. These are divided into three zones.

The first corresponds to the genitals. These are hypersensitive mucous membranes. The second zone includes the perineal area, the crotch and the anus. The “breasts” are closely related to the sexual organs and can therefore be included in this very sensitive area. The third circle corresponds to the rest of the body, i.e. a vast area of skin tissue that extends from the scalp to the soles of the feet, representing 18,000 cm2 of skin full of nerve endings. It is worth looking at.

The folds, for example, offer treasures of sensitivity, whether they be those of the elbows, the buttocks, the back of the knees or the wrists. Titillating them with your mouth or fingertips can drive a man crazy with desire.

Another place to explore without moderation: the eyelids. Their skin is extremely thin and very receptive to the moist heat of the tongue.

To make the man in your thoughts fall in love with you, don’t hesitate to stimulate all parts of his body, giving special treatment to the highly sensitive areas of his anatomy.

Be creative in your caresses, inventive and daring. Use and abuse touches, pinches, grazes, tongue plays and subtle scratches.

Enjoying the Benefits of Caresses Together

Numerous studies have demonstrated the power of skin stimulation. It plays a fundamental role for humans and meets a need as essential as breathing or eating. Without affectionate touch, physical and psychological balance can quickly deteriorate. Caresses are very beneficial. They relax muscles and organs, stimulate blood flow and boost the circulation of vital energy in the body. Furthermore, according to experts, skin-to-skin contact strengthens the production of antibodies and is an obstacle to certain viruses and diseases. We should also mention the amplified production of pheromones, the true emissaries of desire. Their inhalation activates the sex drive point located in the hypothalamus.

However, the most important benefits of loving touch are at the psychic level. Its effect is relaxing, analgesic and antidepressant. The large amount of endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine secreted by the hypothalamus during a massage explains this phenomenon. Another reason is that being touched with care sends the brain the reassuring information of tenderness and affection. Unconsciously, this puts our feelings of loneliness at bay. This state of total relaxation is even conducive to receiving naughty information. It’s a good time, for example, to whisper a few fantasies into the ear of your loved one (see our article on this subject).

The magic of caresses also lies in the fact that the person who lavishes them also receives a dose of well-being during the session. Indeed, the sensory neurons of the hand are almost as numerous as those of the rest of the body (excluding the mouth). One can imagine the erotic and psychic power of massages for both partners. This is the perfect way to enjoy this special, gentle, even ecstatic moment. It is a beautiful premise for the communion of bodies.

As we have seen, since he has understood the power of massage, modern man is less reluctant to let himself be touched. The field is now free to immerse oneself in the “caressing spirit” by giving free rein to one’s imagination or by being inspired by teachings dedicated to the practice. Dare to guide your partner to the land of desire by taking the voluptuous path of caresses. Vibrate together to the rhythm of the touching of the skin. Live this experience as a mutual invitation to shared pleasure and as a wonderful prelude to a sublimated sexual union.

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