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“Touch has a memory.” – John Keats

You are in a room with the lights dimmed low, flickering candlelight illuminating the walls. Your skin, at first cold to the touch, starts to warm under the loving attention of your lover’s hands, as the tight knots of tension you have collected throughout the day are gently kneaded away. You begin to relax, trusting the harmony you feel in your lover’s fingers, breathing in unison in this sacred space you have created together.

Massage is a wonderful way for lovers to reconnect physically, and the good news is, studies show that the person giving the massage often receives just as many benefits as the one receiving it.

For any couple, deepening their connection and creating an intimate bond is about spending time together and exploring a physical link that runs deep within the body. Coming together is more than just spending time in the company of each other — it’s about making an effort to explore new experiences, such as the art of massage.

Massage combines the sheer pleasure of touch and the immense health benefits of skin-on-skin contact with relaxation, enjoyment and just a dash of pampering. And who could possibly refuse that?

Why Couples Should Explore Massages Together

Sometimes, being together and alone requires an element of intrigue and perhaps an idea that pushes boundaries. Massages are tantalisingly arousing when the mood and setting are perfect. Many couples find themselves consumed by the demands of the everyday, but putting aside time to focus on each other’s bodies enables them to make their deepest fantasies and dreams come to life.

That freedom to explore each other, get closer, and feel at one is the reason why massages for couples can prove to be extremely fruitful. Passion, touch and pleasure all work harmoniously to create an elevated experience that creates togetherness, sparking new emotions and feelings, and releasing pleasurable endorphins.

What Types of Massages Can Couples Explore Together?

Massage is very subjective and there’s no real need to be a professional to ensure that you both gain from the experience. The key here is to get close. As massage on naked skin has the most beneficial effects, many couples prefer to start textile-free.

Aromatherapy Massage—This type of massage appeals to all senses and can help to boost mood, which is always a benefit when exploring new and intimate experiences. With soft and gentle pressure, it’s easy to move around the body to explore new areas of delight and pleasure while aromatic essential oils drift playfully through the air.

Thai Massage—Touch is certainly the main element of this tantalising massage form. Using the palms and fingers, it’s possible to gently yet firmly tease and pleasure each other in a way that heightens the excitement.

Shiatsu Massage—Also known as finger pressure massage, Shiatsu is a Japanese technique that offers a slow and intense massage experience. Using Shiatsu techniques, couples can create a deep connection through long, sustained and rhythmic pressure that will leave each other wanting and craving more. Loose clothing can be worn, although the quick removal of this may feel like the only option.

Tantric Massage—Balancing sexual and spiritual energy, Tantric Massage is perfect for creating a unique bond between lovers. It involves wakening sexual energy and then consciously moving it around the body, heightening sensation and pleasure on the way into full-bodied, toe-curling orgasms.

Nuru Massage—Loosely translated, “Nuru” means “dangerous” in Japanese. This style of slippery full-body massage may take a little preparation, only adding to the suspense. The recipient lies, unclothed, while the giver of the massage slowly covers their body in aromatic Nuru massage oil. Then begins the slipping, sliding, teasing, tantalising full-bodied fun.

The Set-Up

Aim to create a truly mesmerising atmosphere that enables each participant to relax and ease into the moment. Soft lighting is key, and candles add the ideal blend of light and shadow, creating a passionate ambience that offers so much more. Music can also soothe and intensify those deep feelings, making HedonX’s Spotify playlists a must for every occasion.

Creating a sensual and therapeutic atmosphere where the temperature keeps the body tingling is ideal for those moments when hands make contact with skin. The bond is set, the mood is right, why not let the moment flow and evolve as time goes by?

When To Have a Couples Massage

Timing is of the essence when exploring the adventure of a couples massage. Couples should leave their stresses (and phones) at the door, focusing only on each other. It should take place at a time when you can truly focus on each other and simply immerse yourselves into the moment and the ensuing sensual satisfaction. Whether first thing in the morning or when the lights are low, couples should ensure plenty of undisturbed time for each other.

Escaping the Ordinary

As enjoyable as a massage at home can be, imagine the pleasures of a sensual massage performed by your lover in a decadent and extravagant environment. A HedonX romantic escape, in which all details including the luxury hotel location are kept secret until the last minute, offers an enchanting and exhilarating experience a deux. Simply let us know your wishes as we plan your retreat, and let us incorporate guided massage into your tailormade, explicitly unforgettable experience.

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