“We need the sweet pain of anticipation to tell us we are really alive.”

Albert Camus

What is HedonX?

At HedonX, we believe that shared moments of unbounded pleasure and sensual indulgence are essential for every couple, both to heighten their desire for one other and to increase a lust for life. 🔥

We design sensually stimulating overnight escapes for adventurous couples open to new discoveries.

Choose from one of our locations and then relax as we take care of planning your exciting event.

From an elegant and refined setting to a delicious gastronomic experience, from a unique edutainment activity to exclusive surprises, HedonX will keep you guessing from your very first contact with us.

While you choose the city where your overnight escape will take place, all other details are kept secret until just 24 hours before departure.

What is a HedonX experience?

A HedonX experience is an unforgettable night of bliss that is as individual as you and your partner’s deepest fantasies.

During your journey, we will stimulate your six senses (sixth sense being mind/soul). HedonX will guide you through different paths – it will be up to you to push the door to see what’s behind or to close it and try another one.

Included in your evening’s entertainment is a welcome glass of champagne, a stunning meal for two, a night in a beautiful location, and a sensual online edutainment session led by one of HedonX’s intimacy experts. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the experience.

Why do members receive details on the final location only 24 hours before the event?

Part of the pleasure is the anticipation of what is to come.

Unexpected, uncensored, unforgettable – the suspense of not knowing your final destination only heightens the magic.

Is HedonX a swinger’s club?

No. HedonX is a community of open- and like-minded people who are drawn to a sensual and hedonistic lifestyle. We are lovers of quality, of adventure, of spine-tingling romance.

What does sapiosexual mean?

A sapiosexual is someone who finds intelligence sexually attractive and arousing, and who considers intelligence to be an important trait in a partner.

Why HedonX?

In this modern world, where most of us are running from one appointment to another, it is rare to spend quality time with our partners. With home life mainly designed for the daily demands of cleaning, cooking and sleeping, most couples don’t find the proper environment and tools to boost their intimacy.

HedonX is ultimately about couples making love and embracing their sexuality as something beautiful and vital, not just on a biological level, but also at soul and healthy relationship levels.

We are passionate about celebrating the art of pleasure in all its forms and are devoted to guiding, inspiring, and opening new perspectives.

What does edutainment mean?

Edutainment is a fusion of education and entertainment. Who said learning something new had to be boring!

Which kind of edutainment does the experience involve?

During your HedonX experience, your edutainment session will be uniquely tailored to you and your partner’s explicit tastes.

Each session is a sensual exploration, designed to stimulate your senses and your intellect, and to bring them to life in the physical world for you and your partner’s deepest desires.

Activities can include – but are not limited to – the theory and techniques of tantrism, orgasmic meditation, sensual touch, or instruction in the divine ancient Japanese art of Shibari.

HedonX invites all our clients to approach each escape with a mind that is open to the novel and the unique, ready for the purest of pleasures.

Full initiation and guidelines are provided to help stimulate your natural curiosity and quench your thirst for adventure.

Are the events social or only for the two of us?

Your HedonX overnight escape is a private event, purely for you and your partner.

However, once you join our HedonX community, you will also receive invitations to our private member’s social events, held in exclusive venues throughout Europe. You can decide which kind of experience you prefer, according to your mood.

Still curious to know more? Book a one-to-one call with a HedonX guide.

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